Monday, July 21, 2008

Hike to Monkey Beach - 19 July 2008

Hiked to Monkey beach. Kinda adventurous!


Some kinda lizard? Had so much trouble to focus on its face. Came out blur, im posting it anyway! Remember im using Digicam and not DSLR!! A failed attempt :(

Looks like a small dinasour!

Ones a while tengok my shoes la :P

View in between a broken branch...

This place looked really beautiful in real life. :)

Tree roots?

And yes, this is a ROOT of a TREE!, A gigantic tree, a sight that you will never miss!! Was amazed by the size of the tree!

Deadly slope! Haha

Breathtaking view!

Uploading both as I cant seem to decide which one looks better :P

Green sea :)

At last got hold this little bugger! :P