Sunday, May 13, 2007

Air Itam Dam

Notice : Snapped all this pics using my phone camera : Motorola ROKR e6!
Some pics I snapped there. :) Total of 25 pics! Enjoy! While snapping, me and my friends saw a big monitor lizard (or however u call it) , dragging another dead lizard and eating the carcass!! DAmn!

Macro shot, but the it was very windy and it was moving making it a hard shot!

Yes thats KOMTAR, the stick like building behind...look hard!!

Another Macro Shot.

Had to enter a Restricted Area to snap this pic :P

Love this view....

Loch Ness monster!!!!! Whahahaha

Komtar! LOL


Monday, May 7, 2007

Gurney Sunset!

Back, got myself a new system! Heres some pics I snapped some time ago... Sunset in Gurney...on a beautiful Tuesday :)