Sunday, March 1, 2009

Muka Head Light House & Monkey Beach

Hiked up the light house, 30 mins of steep hill + steps bla bla.. grr...was damn tired but it was worth the hike, the view was spectacular! Didnt know Penang beach is so nice :)

View from west...

View from the east

Eagles...alot of them, preying for victim!

Some parts of the light house reminds me of my school PFS! Built by British around the same time..

The steps up to the light house.

Boon Siew's abandoned bungalow.. freaky :)

Some creepy drawing, as you can see they painted that paticular part white, but somehow someone drew it back HAHA. image looking at this at night...

Thru the windows..

Saw this beatle on the light house! 

Sting ray! It was dead n gone :(