Saturday, December 29, 2007

Penang Toy Museum!

Went to Toy Museum!! The Horror Chamber Rockz!!! HAHAHA!!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre. One of my fav!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

This device is called Iron Maiden if im not mistaken!

Edward ScissorHand!!

And who the hell is this? :P

Never thought I'll see Manson here!

Jigsaw! Wanna play a game?

Love this!! But then I had trouble snapping this pic, tried 3 times, all came out blur! LOL

Mr Frankie! Scary! Haha. Imagine waking up facing this guy !


Live sized model of Lara!!

Yes yes, its Cobain, in New York Unplugged!! My teenage time fav artist!


And they are dusty!

Darth Maul!

Can you see the evil in him!

Jack Sparrow, savvy mate?

Alien..and a very dusty one!

Say hello to my little friend!!

My personal favourite! DAMN!, I wanna buy this and put it in my car :P

Iron Maiden, members chilling!

Friday the 13th!

Freddy kruger with his deadly nails!


The Crow!!


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Port Dickson!

Went to PD for Hols :D Snapped some pics !!

View from the appartment that we stayed! It was "semi" haunted! Imagine, 1 WHOLE apartment with only us! It was totally empty! We could only see around 5 cars parked!!

View from the front door of the apartment!

The park!! I loved this serene!!

The swimming pool!

The lake...

And the lake again?