Saturday, May 17, 2008


Grasshopper somewhere near my house. Thanks to Motoraj for spotting it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Orange Office

Was at cousins office - VerveIndeed - . Snapped some pics in his office.!

My fav shot of the day. JD labeled Metal music silences Buddha :P

Another shot without Buddha :)

Lord Vinayaga, Buddha in the background.

Close up of Buddha. So nice!

Guess what is this, use the top image as reference :P

Laughing Buddha! He sure is happy!

Tried focusing on the thing he's holding.

Got it!!

Guess whats this.

And this..

Its Raghu's CD RACK! In a very perspective view!

And Raghu's Jack Daniel's pencil case.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Butterfly Farm :)

After such a long time of planning, at last I made it to the butterfly farm :P Had alot of trouble focusing on specific areas as the butterfly seem to be hyper active, flying! Enjoy!! Or shall I say Enjay! Anyway the ButterFly Farm website is designed by Emanon. My workplace :P


My favourite photo of the day. Turn out damn nice :) Always wanted to see how their eyes look like :P

The most beautiful butterfly I saw today. Combination of black and dark blood red = Beauty! Reminds me of Sneha in MBBS :P

Oh yah, it was really hard to capture this particular butterfly as it seem to be too active, flying here and there :P

Quite dull colors. Not enough sunlight.

Among the flowers. Haha

Another black beauty.

It landed straight on my shirt :P

This is called wooly moth.. their tantacles are like fern leafs

I forgot the name of this spider, its poisonous for sure.

And a duck out of nowhere :P

And this lizard was posing for me :P

Focused on the body texture, check out the beauty of its skin!

"Whatcha lookin at homieeeeee, they got a brother locked up! Dayummm!"

-the end-

Friday, May 2, 2008

Dried leafs and so on...

Went for a "round island". Stopped by at Balik Pulau and took some pics :P Please find attached the pictures for your perusal. Opssss :P I think ive been emailing clients to much in office :P

Had a similiar shot of this in my Air Itam dam post. Came out nice :)

Its a dried leaf. Tried taking a few shots of it!

Was focusing on this dried leafs.

Another 2 shots of the same "whatever you call it" The main aim is to take a sharp pic of it and at the same time to show the road in the background.

I spotted something!!

My fav shot of the day! The ant was moving towards the flower. Thanks to "you know who you are" for spotting the ant.