Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pulau Lang Tengah - Redang Lang Resort!

At last!!! Went for a vacation to Pulau Lang Tengah. Enjoy the pics. All the pictures are snapped by me except those with myself in the pic (duhhhh).

What a scenic view I. *Pic snapped by Mahen*

What a scenic view II. *Pic snapped by Mahen*

Y.B Chibi Chitu Kuruvi's Leg! HAHA!

Mr. Loading chilling.

DAMN!! I love this pic, nearly got my camera wet while taking this pic, As you can see the waves is heading right towards the camera! HAHA! Sweeeeeet! Thanks Mr.Passport lol!

Another fav shots! Saw a spider on Bunga Raya Putih. I think this is the cutest looking spider ive seen. It was just starring at my camera lense and going backwards slowly.. LOL! *FULL VIEW RECOMMENDED FOR ALL THE 5 SPIDER PICS*

Saw this among the dead corals. :P

And yes the beach looks like a freaking swimming pool!

Washed away by the waves while posing :P

Yeah, a swimming pool :P

Thats me, floating..

The broken jetty :P That was the boat that transfered us from the mainland to the island.

What a scenic view III. *Snapped by d.™*

Shell! :)

Love this shot!!

Look closely.. and you shall understand the picture. :P

Dead corals..yet so beautiful...

Dead leaf..

Dead coral...

Err.... bola sepak!

Snapping in progress :P

Sunset I.

Sunset II.

Sunset III.

The thing that gives me vision :P

Look at the sun!!

The bolt that holds the jetty I.

The bolt that holds the jetty II.

The broken Jetty. They are building a new jetty at the far right of the resort.


Posing... LOL

The beach.

The beach.

From my view.

Its not a nike shoe, its a "right symbol" shaped dead coral!! Someone stepped on the coral and made it look like a nike shoe HAHA!

When night falls she cloaks the world in impenetrable darkness!


Crystal clear sea!



Kita keris sama dia!

Underneath the newly built Jetty

The jetty.

Thats a coconut...

And the "keris"

Mr.Loading took this shot.

Thats me! HAHA. Picture snapped by d.™